Simply - We Give Sole Traders Support!

We cover ICT for both the Domestic, SoHo, and SME markets.

That includes: CCTV, PC’s and system, door access, website design and hosting.

As a service technician we all know that clients prefer to have their “own engineer”. Someone they can call when they need help, who is a familiar face to them and knows their site - we are not suggesting replacing that for existing traders.

If you are an already established then we support individuals & sole traders by offering you the infrastructure of a company. We are somebody you can call on whether you have other business issues, personal affairs or just want to take a break.

We can offer you our technical expertise in all our fields, buying power, insurance, back office support, marketing materials, etc. We supply a company phone which is used to get jobs, fill timesheets, get clients records, etc.

If you are just starting, or wanting to build up your income, together we will decide on the area you want to work. We will supply you leaflets, covering letters, and accompany you to make that first visit to a prospective client. These would be your clients to support and maintain, with the rest of us supporting you in your venture.

However should you be looking to start your own business we are willing to offer our services. You must be a motivated conscientious who is willing to be self-employed and has a flexible approach to working hours. We are not only looking for someone to be a specialist in all areas but someone that will “have a look” at equipment other than they are specialist in to allow us to find the right person within the company to help and support that client.

If you would like to join us we would love to hear from you.

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